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35-Year-Old Brian Petix Sentenced To 20 Months To Five Years In State Prison In DUI/Vehicular Homicide

Date: September 5, 2018

On Friday, 35-year-old Brian Petix was sentenced to 20 months to five years in state prison for DUI and vehicular homicide.

He pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol and fatally injuring his girlfriend who was travelling with him as a passenger when the accident happened back in 2014. The test revealed that he had consumed alcohol before driving and also took his medicines. He was driving at a high rate of speed when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree.

He told the cops that he thought that he had done nothing wrong and it is alright to take medicine as long as he wasn’t operating any heavy machinery. In answer to his statement, the Monroe County Court Judge Stephen Higgins reminded him at Friday’s sentencing that “an automobile is heavy machinery.”

PSI is conducted when a person is convicted of crime. It is usually conducted before the sentencing date to know if the crime is severe and to know the criminal history of the offender. After the PSI, the judge decides the sentencing based on the information collected. The PSI can also involve a drug test and Petix was drug-tested which showed he had consumed heroin and cocaine.

He didn’t appear in court on the set date due to which he became a fugitive. He was wanted by the police when he was taken into custody in April for urinating on a beach.

His history showed that he was addicted to drugs. He is on psychotropic medication for post-traumatic stress disorder which happened due to a deadly accident and has attempted suicide many times due to his PTSD.

He was standing quite in the courtroom; he didn’t speak when he was given a chance.

His mother was present while sentencing, she also didn’t speak.

The judge said while sentencing, “This is such a tragic loss. The victim, your girlfriend, was so young. You struggle with addiction and have had a hard time accepting responsibility for what happened. No sentence I impose can change what’s happened.”

News Source: www.poconorecord.com

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