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79 Arrested In New Jersey For Child Predator Crimes

Date: December 11, 2017

Back in April, 36-year-old George Castillo went to Los Angeles International Airport to meet a 4-year-old and a 9-year-old girl. He had a stuffed animal and some sex toys with him.

In another case, 26-year-old Joseph Donohew gave the amount of hundred dollars to a person whom he thought was the father of a 9-year-old girl. It was part of a deal to have sex with the girl. He purchased a girl’s nightgown which was designed with characters of the Disney movie Frozen on it.

However, they didn’t succeed in meeting their targets because of the cops who took them into custody before they were able to harm the girls. The New Jersey State Police officers staged them as the father of the target and the offenders made a deal with them, but they were not child traffickers or father of a young girl.

They both were from among the 79 individuals who were taken into custody for the 9-month old child predator operation which was started by the police. The operation covered areas across New Jersey’s borders.

Many individuals were charged for child trafficking, sexual assault, manufacturing child pornography, and possession of child pornography.

Castillo was charged for transportation of a minor with the plan to involve in criminal sexual activity, manufacturing of child pornography and conspiracy to commit child trafficking. Donohew was charged for attempted child molestation.

It is confirmed by the state’s attorney general that people from different fields were taken into custody in the operation, which also included professionals like a Trenton cop, a captain in the Air Force, a piano teacher and an individual who was working in the IT field. A search of their computer systems showed almost 1 million files of child pornography.

According to State Attorney General Christopher Porrino, “The men we arrested lurked in the shadows of the internet and social media, looking for opportunities to sexually assault young children or to view such unspeakable assaults by sharing child pornography.” He added that sexual assault to a kid is a horrific issue. He further said that is the time for the State Police to show how technology and some other creative techniques can assist in taking criminals into custody such as the dogs who can find hidden cell phones. It is an alert for individuals with the intention of having sex with children and for those who are involved in child pornography. He said, “If you’re lurking in a chat room or on social media looking to exploit a child, our investigators are lurking alongside of you.”

His said to the people with children to trust their instincts and pay attention to everything related to their children. Parents should focus if their child is behaving abnormally or being protective of their cell phones. He added that parents and those who guard the children should make them aware of how the internet and technology can harm them and can leave them in a miserable situation. Online phone apps and video games can also be used by criminals to catch their prey.

It is not clear if any of the individuals taken into custody had hired attorneys to represent them.

8 individuals were charged for sexual assault and child pornography manufacturing. The list of offenders and their charges is given below:

34-year-old Donald Beckwith, who is an Air force captain, was charged for sexual solicitation of a minor and attempt to commit unlawful sexual contact with a minor.

On 17th of October, 24-year-old Brandon Morris was charged for multiple crimes including:

  • Producing child pornography
  • Endangering the welfare of a child by sexual conduct
  • Conveying obscene materials to a child
  • Possession of child pornography

On 7th of September, 22-year-old William Esker of Bayonne was charged with:

  • Aggravated criminal sexual contact
  • Providing obscene material to a child
  • Endangering the welfare of a child

On 17th of August, a 17-year-old male was taken into custody for possessing child pornography and sharing it with others. His name was not made public by the authorities because of his age.

On 10th of October, 22-year-old Michael DeBlock was taken into custody for possession of child pornography and sending obscene materials to a child.

39-year-old Craig Kirschner was taken into custody on 21st of August and was charged with:

  • Luring a child
  • Attempted sexual assault of a minor
  • Sending obscene material to a minor

40-year-old Isaac Toney was taken into custody on 17th of July for luring a child.

63-year-old Robert Elmi was taken into custody on 9th of November on a charge of luring a child.

41 individuals were charged with second-degree distribution of child pornography. They will have to serve 5 to 10 years in prison.

66 individuals were charged with third-degree possession of child pornography. They will have to serve 3 to 5 years in jail for their offenses.

11 individuals from the 79 offenders will be considered as super-possessors due to the new law that will be implemented next year. Their names and offenses are listed below:

  • 55-year-old Callen Kapschock, who works as a mechanic, possess more than 10,000 files.
  • 48-year-old William Camargo, who works in the field of IT, was accused of possessing more than 138,000 files of suspected child pornography.
  • 22-year-old Kody Knotts also had more than five thousand files. His 2 brothers, one 27-year-old and the other 23-year-old, were also involved in the case.
  • 35-year-old Gregory Piszczek, who was also in the IT field, possess over four thousand files
  • 43-year-old Md F. Uddin, who is an engineer, possesses more than five thousand files.
  • 42-year-old Laurence Duque has almost four thousand files.
  • 63-year-old Kevin Groeger had over two thousand files.
  • 75-year-old Pasquale “Charles” Albano had almost thousand files.
  • A 17-year-old had almost thousand files.

Individuals who were charged for possession, production or sharing of child pornography are listed below:

  • 52-year-old Paul Marinelli for possession
  • 37-year- old Bryan San Andreas for possession
  • 50-year-old John Parsons for possession
  • 54-year-old James Cutrone for distribution
  • 39-year-old Donald Williams for distribution
  • 35-year-old Kevin Wenng for possession
  • 26-year-old Ryan Stemetzki for both possession and sharing with others
  • 58-year-old Victor Kurynow for possession and sharing
  • 44-year-old Paul Fuhs for possession
  • 56-year-old Robert Ruff for possession
  • 63-year-old Robert King for both
  • 43-year-old Anthony Gerace for distribution
  • 22-year-old Justin Saavedra for distribution
  • 39-year-old Daniel Braz for both possessing and sharing
  • 26-year-old Antonio Baang for possession
  • 42-year-old Jason Locke for possession
  • 60-year-old Stephen Slawinski for both
  • 43-year-old Jason Locke for possession
  • 26-year-old for possession
  • 60-year-old for possession
  • 66-year-old Robert White for both
  • 49-year-old Christopher Todd for both possession and sharing
  • 28-year-old for possession
  • 33-year-old for possession
  • 32-year-old Dhanendhran Govender for both possession and sharing
  • 30-year-old Luis Pacheco-Loja for both possession and sharing
  • 22-year-old Christopher Dunham for possession and distribution
  • 23-year-old Justin Piccola for possession and distribution
  • 40-year-old Jonathan Latiff for both
  • 65-year-old Richard Lake for both
  • 29-year-old Federico Flores for both possession and sharing
  • 69-year-old James Agin for both sharing and possessing
  • 22-year-old Fortino Rosales-Rodriguez for possession
  • 54-year-old Nelson Cintron, Jr. for possessing and sharing
  • 28-year-old Michael Brown for possessing and sharing
  • 49-year-old Erik Johnson for both
  • 68-year-old Marco Biason for possession
  • 55-year-old Brian Neilson for possession
  • 54-year-old Thomas Smith for both sharing and possessing
  • 31-year-old Zachary Brawer for both sharing and possessing
  • 38-year-old Erik Baez for both sharing and possessing
  • 45-year-old Larry Gonzalez for both sharing and possessing
  • 74-year-old Brian J. Gardner both sharing and possessing
  • 37-year-old John T. Ruffner for possession
  • 62-year-old John Skubiak both sharing and possessing
  • 66-year-old Nicholas J. Novak
  • 41-year-old Eric MacAfee for possession
  • 31-year-old Zachary Brawer both sharing and possessing
  • 29-year-old Jeison Padilla both sharing and possessing
  • 31-year-old Justin England both sharing and possessing
  • 61-year-old Eric Yourish for possession
  • 36-year-old Nicolas Bencze for possession and distribution
  • 70-year-old Michael Yosco for possession
  • 14-year-old Male Juvenile for possession
  • 29-year-old Julio Garcia for possession and sharing
  • 34-year-old– Joseph Lawitz for possession
  • 22-year-old James Livas possession and sharing
  • 27-year-old Robert Fuscarino possession and sharing
  • 19-year-old Donovan Roots possession and sharing

These all are the individuals who were arrested and charged for child related crimes they committed.

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