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Is There Any Grace Period Associated With A Crimmigration Conviction?

That’s something that goes beyond my ability to tell you and you’d have to talk to an immigration lawyer about that. I can’t tell you what the time to get back into the country is going to be or how things are going to be looked at in the future. That’s really something, and that’s something if someone came to me with that question, I would tell him go see and immigration lawyer about that one. And there are many, many good ones out there.

Will An Immigrant Face Deportation For Merely An Arrest Or A Conviction?

According to the priorities that were put out in the original executive order, the executive priorities on deportation do now include anyone who is arrested for a criminal offense, not even convicted.

Where Are These Cases Generally Heard?

They’re in any criminal court, whether it’s the municipal courts, whether it’s the superior courts. I have not seen with my own eyes a big increase of people being detained because of an order from Homeland Security or ICE, I haven’t seen a big increase on there being agents coming to the court, looking for these people. Generally what would happen is there’d be a detainer, someone would come to the court afterwards and take them from the jail but I haven’t seen a big increase in that. It’s something which the executive orders leave the potential for, but I haven’t with my own eyes seen that there is a big increase in that happening in New Jersey.

Helpful Tips About Crimmigration In New Jersey

In making decisions, that you, first of all, get an attorney anytime you have any interaction with the police. Some people are just arrested for not having a driver’s license because they can’t a driver’s license and that’s something which could potentially cause a repercussion in an immigration sense or at least set the stage for it to happen in the future. Don’t take anything lightly and if you’re going to find yourself in a situation where there’s immigration consequence possible, consult with the lawyer who knows all kinds of the law and of the immigration and the criminal side or consult an immigration attorney if you’ve been arrested.

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