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What Is The Procedure For A Blood Draw In A DWI Case?

A blood draw cannot be legally performed without a warrant.

When Would A Blood Test Be Used Over A Breath Test In A DWI?

When there is a suspected drug impairment. In that case the 0.0 reading is actually evidence used to get the warrant.

Can I Refuse A Blood Test As Well?

Yes. You cannot be compelled to give blood without a warrant.

What Is The Chain Of Custody For A Blood Test?

This is the trail from the police to the lab until the sample is evaluated scientifically.

How Accurate Are The Blood Testing Results?

If done correctly blood tests are very reliable.

What Are Some Strategies That You Have Employed To Defend Your Client Against Blood Test Results?

  • Inaccurate administration of the chemical test
  • Consumption of food or medication that tamper results
  • The absorption phase altering the accuracy of results
  • Faulty testing instruments
  • Calibration error
  • Non-qualified person performing the test
  • The chain of custody not being proven

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