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Attorney James Abate’s Opinion On Use Of UBER Service Leading To Decrease In DUI Deaths In New Jersey

Date: September 16, 2015

Attorney James Abate comments on an article in www.Entrepreneur.com about a research claiming the UBER services lead to decrease in DUI deaths.

This summer I became a big supporter of Uber. It’s a luxury, a time saver and there is always a car for you. Traditional car service is not like that at all and is usually seems like a punishment. If I have to take car service, I’m likely to just drive. However, with an Uber, I would leave the car home and enjoy have a car waiting for me just when I need it. The sharing economy is real and it’s spectacular!

I do believe that the presence of Uber would reduce drunk driving because it reduces the desire to drive. More importantly, Uber serves a vital need for the driver who has lost his or her license in a DWI conviction. There is no reliable public transportation in New Jersey. So, the convicted DWI defendant still needs to go to work, to school, pick up kids and shop. New Jersey does not offer a conditional license following a DWI suspension. Too many people who have been convicted in New Jersey continue to drive, even though they are suspended and even though they face 10 days in jail under 39:3-40 (driving while suspended) or 180 days in jail under 2C: 40-26 (criminal/felony driving while revoked for DWI). As one client explained “my house was ready to go into foreclosure, closing this deal would have provided for my family for 6 months. I was willing to do 10 days in jail to keep my house.” That is why I tell clients that are suspended as the result of a DWI to use Uber for their transportation needs.

James A. Abate is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and the Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey. He is a solo practitioner and focused his practice on defending driving while intoxicated charges. He maintains offices in Somerville and Westfield and handles cases state wide, particularly in Somerset, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Union and Morris counties. Jabatelaw.com.

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Attorney James A. Abate practices Criminal Defense, DWI Defense, Business Litigation, Real Estate & Personal injury cases in Union County, New Jersey.