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I got accused of third degree. This is my first offense and sadly it’s not a medication related charge and I am not qualified for Conditional Discharge and it’s in a municipal court. I am stressed over the records. I need my records clean. I would get arrested once more. I need a great job with clean record. What would it be a good idea for me to do? To what extent it will take to expunge my records?

Answer: A third degree would be heard in the superior court not municipal court. Superior court has PTI. In any case, it is a prosecutors program. Besides, regardless of the fact that it was in municipal court, settled rejection programs are not restricted to the conditional discharge.

Speeding tickets related questions:
Driver license is from NJ Speeding ticket was received in PA(Centre county – zip 16823) 80 in 70 MPH zone, and remark says 88MPH.

  1. How do points work if ticket was gotten in PA and licenses is in NJ? i.e above 6 MPH speed utmost will have two points?
  2. What ought to driver do? Go to court with legal counselor? Any opportunity to diminish fine/points? on the other hand simply pay fine.

Answer: 2 points will exchange to New Jersey. It is constantly best to hold counsel. It might be possible to change to a non moving violation. I truly don’t comprehend what they do in PA. Be that as it may, any moving violation will bring about 2 NJ points.

Last day I passed a school bus subsequent to making a transitory stop at the blinking stop light arm. It was out of lack of awareness since my work routine has never matched with the school hours; not that that would be a reason, I simply didn’t do it because of insensitivity. I wasn’t stopped by an officer, yet I’m worried that somebody took a photo of my license plate, particularly since I have out of state plates. I’m additionally stressed over the potential prison sentence of 15 days.

In this way, three inquiries:

  1. How basic is it to be refered to b/c somebody recognized the license plate?
  2. What will happen if police gaze upward my registration and discover my OOS address?
  3. How common is it to go to imprison for this? I have a perfect criminal record and an occupation and would prefer not to hazard either in light of the fact that I committed an error.

Answer: I am expecting you have not been charged or reached by the police. As a rule, you will get notification from the police rather rapidly if a complaint was made. Correctional facility is far-fetched if there was no hit or close miss. Be that as it may, 10 days of community service is compulsory for a conviction. As is five points. Towns take school bus passes intense and they can be to a great degree difficult to get minimized. A hefty portion of the transports have video on them which record any autos that pass the bus disgracefully.

I beat a DUI case and the prosecotor give me a deal and turned a careless driving ticket into a reckless driving ticket and the judge ordered a 30 day suspension of my license. Can I get a work hardship license considering my suspension is not due to a DUI but a reckless?

Answer: Unfortunately, New Jersey does not have hardship licenses. All things considered, you got an incredible arrangement. Take a stab at utilizing Uber for the 4 weeks.

I was ticketed for not coming to a complete dead stop by Norfolk Railway police officer in Newark NJ at delancy street . I had my hazards on and the tires were rolling at 2 miles per hour. He said when I come to the court he would talk to the prosecutor to reduce it to non-point moving violation. Thank you.

Answer: It doesn’t appear that you have posed a question.


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