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19 in New Jersey accused of drug crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

An investigation spanning eight months recently came to a peak when New Jersey police made 19 arrests. The defendants are accused of numerous drug crimes in Atlantic County. Those arrested range in ages from 22 to 58.  

Multiple task forces and departments were involved in the investigation 

A state police organized crime unit began the investigation last December after receiving information regarding possible illegal drug activity in a community complex in Newark. The investigation expanded to include various task forces, K-9 units and other special investigation departments from the surrounding area. Investigators say they had reason to believe several drug mills were operating out of the complex, which were distributing narcotics, including fentanyl, to various regions and that the alleged drugs were connected to at least 15 fatal overdoses.  

Detectives seized more than alleged drugs during their searches 

Police say multiple search warrants were executed on different dates, which ultimately led to the arrest of 19 people. Investigators seized substances that they claim to be crack cocaine, as well as a mixed substance of heroin and fentanyl. Officers also seized ammunition, high-capacity magazines and stamps that they suspect were used to add brand names to illegal drug products.  

Every defendant is guaranteed an opportunity to refute charges of drug crimes 

No matter how many people are taken into police custody regarding suspected drug crimes in New Jersey or elsewhere, every person charged with a crime must be given an opportunity to refute the charges in court. While several people might be facing charges for the same incident, it does not necessarily mean that every case will have the same outcome. Acting alongside experienced legal representation in court is typically the most productive means of presenting a strong defense in the hope of mitigating one’s circumstances when facing criminal charges for illegal drug activity.