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Multiple DWI arrests in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | DWI/DUI |

Police in Jackson County, New Jersey, have reported they arrested five individuals between the Sunday and Monday of the Labor Day weekend. New Jersey authorities pointed to the holiday as one of several dates throughout the year wherein DWI arrests become common. All five individuals will face their charges in criminal court over the next several months.  

The alleged details of each incident  

On Sunday police charged a 24-year-old driver after his vehicle was found with serious front-end damage resulting from an alleged hit-and-run with a parked vehicle. He faces multiple charges including driving while intoxicated, open containers, leaving the scene and others. He has been released pending his court appearance.  

Four arrests were made within hours of one another the following day, including a 31-year-old man driving a U.S. Postal Service truck who struck a pole, a 56-year-old man who crashed his truck into a tree, a 44-year-old woman who was witnessed driving recklessly and then refused a breath test, and a 59-year-old man who crashed into another car. All four were cited for drunk driving among myriad other charges. All have been released into hospital care or under summons. 

Legal support in the aftermath of these charges  

DWI charge can have long-term implications for the accused individual, even if he or she is not convicted. This is why all five of the individuals cited in this report will be represented in New Jersey criminal court by their own respective defense attorneys. These attorneys will carefully review the facts of their individual clients’ cases, including arrests and any roadside or blood testing conducted, in an effort to build compelling defenses against the charges filed.