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Woman faces DWI charge after accident

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | DWI/DUI |

A woman from Whiting is facing serious charges following a single-vehicle accident police believe was predicated on intoxication. Officers in Berkeley Township, New Jersey, responded to the accident that thankfully did not lead to any injuries. However, the woman faces a DWI charge in addition to multiple traffic infractions.  

The accident details 

According to the report, police received notice about a single-vehicle accident that took place sometime around 1:45 the morning of Nov. 1. It appears the driver, who at 20 years old is not of legal drinking age, was traveling northbound at the intersection of Route 9 and Hickory Lane when the crash occurred. Her vehicle struck a utility pole with enough force to break the pole and send it crashing onto Buckley Lane. 

Several traffic lights on Route 9 were also disabled as a result of the accident, causing the entire road to be closed for several hours. Despite suffering indeterminate injuries, the woman was arrested on the scene. In addition to the DWI charge, she also faces charges for failure to provide insurance, reckless driving and failure to maintain a lane. She has since been released pending a court date.  

Building a criminal defense case when facing these charges 

If the woman is found guilty of DWI, she could lose her license and may even face fines or jail time for the property damage she allegedly caused. This is why she will be defended in New Jersey court by a dedicated defense attorney. This attorney’s job will be to carefully review the facts of the case, including any evidence the prosecution wishes to bring before the court in order to build a strong defense against all the charges filed against the accused woman.