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Several arrested in New Jersey for drug crimes

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Over the past three weeks, police in New Jersey have made several arrests involving suspected illegal drug activity. Most of the arrests resulted from traffic stops or from police witnessing suspicious behavior. Now, those accused are likely considering their options for mounting an effective criminal defense.

Incidents and arrests

Starting on May 21, detectives with the Street Crimes Unit (SCU) with the Brick Township Police Department say they noticed the driver of a motor vehicle conduct several moving violations and other suspicious activity. Upon stopping the car and searching the vehicle, authorities reportedly found heroin as well as heroin-related paraphernalia. The driver was arrested and booked into Ocean County Jail.

On May 24, detectives with the SCU allegedly observed two known individuals exiting a Walmart parking lot. One of the individuals apparently had warrants for his arrest, and police initiated a traffic stop after the vehicle sped away and the driver ran a red light. Inside the vehicle, authorities reportedly found contraband that included heroin-related paraphernalia. Both occupants of the vehicle were arrested on a variety of charges, including possession of heroin and paraphernalia.

Right to defense

Other drug arrests were made on May 26 and June 8, a day that saw several arrests on drug-related charges. As is their right, all of the accused can fight the charges against them in court. By working closely with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey, the accused stand a much better chance of obtaining favorable outcomes for the serious drug charges they face.