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8 arrested in New Jersey for human trafficking

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Human trafficking has been a problem throughout New Jersey and the rest of the country for years. The victims of trafficking are usually held against their will, and some are forced to become sex workers. Such appears to be the case in a recent bust in the Garden State that led to the arrests of eight individuals.

Investigation and arrests

The New Jersey State Police recently announced they have made eight arrests in connection with a human trafficking ring operating in the Trenton area. Authorities had been investigating the matter for four months, and it began in January following a tip that a juvenile from Trenton had been trafficked. Officials with the State Police Missing Persons and the Human Trafficking Unit took part in the investigation.

During their investigation, detectives identified an apparent leader of the trafficking ring, a 43-year-old man from Trenton. They also identified several residences throughout the area that were being used to house victims, and they found at least 11 female victims within the various residences. Along with the leader, authorities arrested several other men and women ranging in age from 29 to 44. Two more suspects are still at large.

Right to defense

As the charges against these individuals are very serious, including 1st degree human trafficking, those accused will likely want to mount an effective criminal defense to help fight the charges. The accused should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey for a detailed explanation for their rights and options. A lawyer will analyze all aspects of the investigation and subsequent arrests and work hard to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for his or her client.