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Busted for underage drinking in college?  

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Many New Jersey college students are headed back to campus soon. Whether this is your first time away from home or you’re a returning sophomore, junior or senior, you might still find yourself facing a period of adjustment when college classes resume. You hopefully have a good group of friends and faculty mentors who can provide encouragement and support throughout the school year ahead. It’s natural to make mistakes, including, perhaps, a poor decision on occasion in the social environment. 

Drinking alcohol on or off campus can have numerous implications in your college life, some of which might even place your academic career at risk. All sorts of factors come into play, such as whether you live on a dry campus and whether you’re of legal age to consume alcohol. Being arrested for DUI, particularly when it involves underage drinking can bring all the fun of college life to a screeching halt. 

Factors that are relevant to underage drinking in college 

Some college students simply believe that drinking alcohol is fun, and they want to experience the thrill with little to regard for legal age limits. There are many other issues that are relevant to kids who drink underage in college, however, including those shown in the following list:  

  • Alcohol consumption is typically more prevalent in fraternities and sororities. 
  • Students often drink when they are stressed because of pressures related to academia and athletics. 
  • Being away from home and outside of parental supervision seems to increase the chances that a college student will imbibe alcohol underage 

Studies show that college students who continue to live at home and commute back and forth to classes on campus are not as likely to drink underage as those who live at school full time.  

Getting things back on track after underage drinking charges 

There’s no specific age when alcohol can become a substance abuse problem; college students who are not yet 21 are as much at risk for addiction as their older peers. If you are struggling to overcome a desire to drink alcohol underage, there are local support resources that you can tap into for support.  

Facing underage drinking charges can place your scholarship or athletic standing at risk. It’s understandable that you would want to present a strong defense in order to secure as positive an outcome as possible in court. A first logical step to take is to seek guidance and defense recommendations from someone with experience in New Jersey criminal law.