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Be aware of unexpected DWI consequences

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2022 | DWI/DUI |

If a New Jersey police officer takes you into custody for suspected intoxication while operating a motor vehicle, you may experience many far-reaching implications from the incident. The most obvious consequences of such circumstances are being taken to jail or facing criminal charges in court. However, DWI charges can have unexpected consequences in your life as well.  

If you face criminal charges in a New Jersey court, there are fees involved that you are responsible to pay. When you were taken into police custody during a traffic stop, a tow truck may have arrived at the scene shortly thereafter to impound your vehicle. This will also incur an expense that you are expected to meet in order to get your car back.  

Your auto insurance agency might decide to increase your premium 

Another potential unexpected consequence of a DWI conviction is having to pay more for auto insurance. Increased costs vary by state and by insurance agency but can be hundreds of dollars or more. If you have already maxed out your budget to afford car insurance, a premium increase might make insurance economically infeasible for you. In turn, you might not be able to afford to keep your car on the road.  

DWI can affect marriages, careers and reputations 

You might be a teacher, a coach, a doctor, a firefighter or someone who works in a service capacity in your community. If New Jersey prosecutors file DWI charges against you and word gets out, you might notice people acting differently toward you. Even if you are not convicted, merely being suspected of drunk driving often has the unexpected consequence of a social stigma 

If you are a licensed professional, your license might be at risk if you have been arrested for DWI. Such issues often take a heavy toll on a marriage. You might find this especially true if you have been struggling with alcohol addiction. For some spouses, having their partners convicted of a crime is the final straw that compels them to file for divorce. 

Taking one day at a time to get things back on track after facing DWI charges 

In New Jersey, there might be a lot at stake if you are charged with a crime. This is particularly true if you caused an accident while driving intoxicated and injured another person. However, you are guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense in court.  

With the right strategy, you might be able to mitigate your circumstances. It can be difficult to know whether to plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. It is helpful to consider all consequences of DWI conviction, then determine which course of action might help you achieve the best possible outcome in court.