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Bridgewater DWI Dismissed

Outcome: Bridgewater DWI Dismissed Based On Lost Anonymous Call Recordings February 2016

Mr. Abate’s client was pulled over on the basis of an anonymous call on Route 287 in Bridgewater, New Jersey by the State Police and charged with DWI.  In the course of his investigation, Mr. Abate requested a copy of the anonymous call.  After several months of litigation, Mr. Abate was informed that the State Police no longer had a copy of the anonymous call.  Mr. Abate filed a motion to suppress all evidence as a result of the inability of the police to produce the anonymous recording.  The State Trooper was brought in and underwent cross-examination by Mr. Abate.    Ultimately, the court dismissed all charges against Mr. Abate’s client.

Undergoing a DWI is a nightmare.  Having that nightmare be based on the word of an unknown, faceless accuser is ever more terrorizing.  Thankfully, Mr. Abate’s diligence and knowledge of constitutional law stopped this nightmare.  Our client can now sleep without the fear of this nightmare.

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