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Crime In New Jersey Down By 5 Percent But Rapes And Homicides Are Up

Date: May 2, 2017

Data collected by State police showed that crime in New Jersey has reduced 5% from the previous year.

The violent crime rate decreased almost 4% and non-violent crime rate reduced 5%. The overall crime rate decreased to 160,000 which increased back in 2011.

The number of violent crimes reported was 22,000. The rate of homicides increased 1% and the rate of rapes increased 7%. The rate of assault and robbery cases reduced. Robbery cases are down by 8%, while assault cases reduced by 2%.

Data for simple assault was also gathered and was a part of the crime report; the rate of simple assault increased 0.5% and rose to 55,500.

According to Attorney General Christopher Porrino, “In most major categories, we will see continuing decreases we saw from 2010 through 2015.” To the question of why the crime rate is reduced, he answered, “It’s not an exact science, and there’s certainly more to be done. But we’re doing everything we can to keep particularly the violent crime numbers on the downward trend.”

The gathered data needs to be reviewed and verified before it is made public and published.

Porrino further added, “The challenge continues to be, and this challenge is not going away immediately, where the drug trade is active, violent crime follows. So that’s a place that as I think you know we’re placing a lot of focus.”

Last week, Porrino told about an effort in front of the Assembly Budget Committee, which was started to catch fugitives. The effort was started last fall and it is not stopped yet. He told that 150 fugitives were taken into custody till January of this year in the time period of 3 months. The number of fugitives taken into custody has now increased to 229.

Porrino also said, “That sounds pretty good. But think about it: That’s 229 separate investigations to find the fugitive. Then it’s 229 separate knocks on a door or knocking down a door as the case may be. Each time, State Police and whoever’s accompanying us putting their lives in danger in order to help keep us safe.”

The number of non-violent crimes was recorded at 138,000 in the crime report given by the State police. The number of non-violent crimes reduced as compared to the previous year.

  • Burglary cases reduced 10%
  • Theft crime is down 4%
  • Motor vehicle theft crime decreased 4%
  • Stolen car cases reduced 6%

Source: www.Nj1015.com

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