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Deirdre Medallis – Paralegal

Why I Chose To Work For The Law Offices of James A. Abate, LLC

Deirdre Medallis ParalegalI’ve worked in many different positions ranging from public school substitute teacher to pharmaceuticals inspection. I enjoyed the people in most places I’ve worked, though not necessarily the companies themselves. I believe that even though salary is important, taking pride and being happy in what I do is even more imperative. If you dislike what you do or what a company represents, it makes it very difficult to perform whatever tasks may be asked of you. After looking at reviews and meeting everyone in the office, I knew this was the place in which I wanted to work. I feel that the function of a defense lawyer, regardless of the accused-crime, is paramount to every American.

Who Am I?

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Georgian Court University and have also taken some paralegal law courses. I love the New York Yankees, even when they are in last place and, will cheer for them no matter what!

How Will You Be Treated By This Firm?

When you hire the James A. Abate law firm, you will be treated with respect and given the legal support needed to resolve your case.

We will keep you apprized through each step of your case as it progresses. Our attorneys’ experience allows them to advise you as to how they think the court will conclude your case and then, proceed as you advise.

Most importantly, we will safeguard your liberties and fight for the best possible conclusion, pertaining to the details of your individual case.

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