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Dismissal, Client Saved From Deportation, Madison NJ

Outcome: All Charges Were Dismissed And The Client Was Released By ICE And Permitted To Remain In The United States And Continue His Path To Becoming A Legal Resident. 

Our client was arrested under suspicion of Driving While Impaired under the influence of narcotics and possession of prescription medication without a permit. Client was held on detainer and faced deportation. Mr. Abate challenged the State’s case and determined that client was not under the influence of any impairing substance. Ultimately all charges were dismissed and the client was released by ICE and permitted to remain in the United States and continue his path to becoming a legal resident. This case came under the fog of the COVID-19 outbreak and required diligent skill to move the case to a conclusion before deportation occurred. We are very pleased to reunite the client with his family and clear his name.

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