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DWI Refusal Client Facing Additional 13 Month Suspension Clinton, New Jersey

Outcome:  Dismissal of refusal charges and dismissal of criminal charges for DWI with a minor in the car

Our client, a resident of Pennsylvania, was facing a 7 month loss of license for refusing to take a chemical breath test pursuant to New Jersey Statute Annotated 39:4-50.2.  Our client also faced charges of DWI with a child in the car, which exposed him to another 6 month loss of license and criminal charges.  As always, Mr. Abate and his staff dug in to examine the discovery, and low and behold, an officer had left a wireless microphone operational.  Mr. Abate found evidence that the client had not refused to take the chemical breath test. The client had the refusal charge dismissed without need for a trial, as well as the criminal charges for DWI with a minor in the car, and will not be suspended by the State of Pennsylvania.  Because the refusal charge was dismissed, the client’s arrest had no effect on his CDL license.

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