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An Aggressive Defense Against Federal Charges

Federal offenses can carry harsh penalties and need an aggressive defense. The federal criminal justice system can seem daunting and the resources available to federal prosecutors can quickly overwhelm an unprepared defendant. If you have been arrested on federal charges, or even think you are under investigation for a federal crime, reach out to a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer right away.

At the Law Offices of James A. Abate, our attorneys have over three decades of combined legal experience in the field of criminal defense. We know the challenges you are up against and the penalties you face if convicted. When you hire us, our attorneys will start advocating on your behalf right away.

How Are Federal Charges Different?

Certain crimes can fall under both state law and federal law. Other crimes are only covered by federal law. Federal crimes are most often:

  • Those that affect people across state lines, such as drug trafficking, insurance fraud, or child pornography
  • Those that involve federal property or officers, such as theft of federal property or assaulting a federal officer
  • Those that involve immigration or customs, such as a visa violation or a criminal charge that affects immigration status

Federal cases tend to also consist of a more thorough investigation prior to an arrest. Depending on the charges, you may know you are under investigation. For example, you may know the IRS is auditing your taxes. Therefore, you should contact our office so that we can represent you during this critical phase of your case.

What Is A White Collar Crime?

White collar crimes often involve activity meant to steal or defraud money through financial schemes, but without the use of force or violence. Instead, the offender often uses technology, false accounting, or lying to commit their theft. The following offenses are examples of white collar crimes:

  • Tax evasion or tax fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Mail fraud

These cases can be complex and require a legal team with the knowledge to analyze the evidence and build an appropriate defense.

Applying Federal Sentencing Guidelines

The federal court system follows federal sentencing guidelines. The guidelines are set by statute and purport to create an equal system of punishment for similar defendants committing similar crimes. Judges generally consider these factors regarding the defendant during sentencing:

  • Prior criminal record
  • The type of offense
  • Aggravating factors

The judge does have some discretion in this process, however, which is why you need a strong advocate who knows the system to argue on your behalf.

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