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How Are New Jersey Courts Handling The COVID-19 Crisis?

Currently, if you have been charged in a Municipal Court for a criminal, or DWI charge, New Jersey courts are conducting appearances virtually mostly with lawyers. As for cases that are going to Supreme Court, depending on the severity of the supposed crime, they are requiring people to appear virtually unless they are confined to the county jail. We have instructions on how to do so, and are able to guide our clients.

Why Should Someone Not Wait Until The COVID-19 Crisis Is Over To Hire An Attorney?

The ability to work with prosecutors presents a golden opportunity to resolve cases favorable to our clients. Prosecutors are contacting us every day looking to “give away the store”. If you wait until the courts open again, you will be putting some unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Is the Criminal Justice System Still Proceeding with Pending Cases?

If you were accused of a crime, the court system is going to make sure that everything gets processed, one way or another. It will likely occur virtually unless you are in jail. Things will not be allowed to slip through the cracks because of COVID-19. Failure to have able counsel could mean you end up in county jail, which is now a life or death matter.

How Is Your Office Communicating With Clients In Times Of The Corona Virus Crisis?

We are still communicating with clients through the phone and video conferencing. We want to keep our employees, as well as our clients and potential clients, safe. We are open for business. The State considers attorneys/law firms an essential service for people, so if they need us, we can meet via phone or video. They can e-mail us or communicate in whichever form is easiest and convenient for them.

Additional Information on COVID-19 Measures In New Jersey

Superior courts are requiring that some people appear, depending on the severity of their charge and they are only doing those through video. The whole world has never been through this before in our lifetime, and we are lucky because with technology, we can continue to function.

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