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What Are Sex Crimes?

How Is A Sex Crime Defined Under New Jersey Law?

There are a number of different sex crimes. There are more of something which attorneys use as terminology to discuss a whole bunch of different offenses. There is no qualified definition that this is a sex crime or that is a sex crime. Here is an example to explain:

There is a provision for luring a person who is under the legal age for an improper purpose that’s kind of a catchall provision that is used and that actually is not a Megan’s law offense, even though most people would consider that the offenses that people most think of toward sex crimes would include rape, internet child pornography, and anything else which is going to be used to determine an offense that is based on some sort of obscenity, and more than 20 different of them can be named here, the most known are going to be the sexual assault cases. Anyone facing a sexual assault charge must contact a sex crimes attorney in Somerville, New Jersey, right away. They can do that by calling Law Offices of James A. Abate at 908-643-7005 for a free consultation. Once you call our office and discuss your case, our sex crimes attorney will start working on a defense strategy to have the charges reduces or dismissed. Read on to understand what issues arise in sex crime cases.

What’s really concerning is when you’re dealing with a child involved in these cases, that’s where the stakes really go up considerably but in terms to give a better idea, sex crimes are really inhuman behavior and they are really mental crimes in a way but the impulse comes from a mental issue, which will give someone a proclivity to behave in a way that society does not permit us to behave and for that reason, it’s very, very important that lawyers be cognizant of use of experts and psychologists who can assist them in these cases. If you are not sure how to go about it, get legal counsel by contacting a Somerville sex crimes lawyer right away.

What Major Areas Falling Under Sex Crimes Are Covered By Law Offices of James A. Abate And What Are The Most Common Ones Seen?

Child pornography, there are a great deal of cases; sexual assault cases, there are a great deal of cases. Others would be public urination as a sex-related case but the hot area these days is things happening via text messaging and via applications that kids are using to send pictures of themselves to one another. That is really where a great deal of the work is happening these days. To know more about these areas, you can call a sex crimes lawyer in Cranford, New Jersey, by calling 908-643-7005.

How Wide Of A Scope Do Sex Crimes Have And Do They Fall Under Different Shades?

Yes. Here is a rough breakdown of these:

There is aggravated sexual assault, which comes under N.J.S.A. 2C:14-2(a), sexual assault comes under 2C:14-2(b), criminal sexual contact under 2C:14-3.

Then there is rape, date rape, sexual abuse, child molestation, and endangering the welfare of a child under 2C:24-4, computer crimes such as internet porn, solicitation, sexting, etc. To know more about the penalties for each of these crimes, call a sex crimes attorney in Union County for information.

Campus sex crimes are becoming almost a topic unto itself; indecent exposure, lewd conduct under N.J.S.A. 2C:14-4, invasion of privacy under 2C:14-9, solicitation, luring, enticing, promoting prostitution under 2C:34-1, loitering for the purpose of engaging in prostitution, violating a condition of community supervision for life, violating parole, failure to register as a sex offender under 2C:7-2 and this doesn’t even bring in some of the newer trafficking cases.

There are others, too, and lawyers feel a little hesitant to really define those but sex crimes cover so many different areas from street prostitution to sexual abuse to campus incidents to kids sending pictures to one another to pornography and to indecent exposure to Megan’s law violations. So, it encompasses a great deal of different areas which all require a different set of strategies and having someone who is familiar with all the different types of cases and technologies and strategies that a lawyer needs to use to effectively defend a client is very important these days. If you are not sure whether the case in question is a sex crimes case or not, discuss it with a sex crimes attorney in Piscataway, New Jersey. You can do that by calling the Law Offices of James A. Abate at 908-643-7005 for a Free consultation.

Do Prostitution Crimes Also Fall Under Sex Crimes Apart From Child Abuse, Rape, Assault, Etc.?

These also, although they are called sex crimes, you could also consider them computer crimes many of the times.

In addition to having to go out there and retain a forensic psychologist to do an evaluation early on the case, oftentimes lawyers are going to retain a forensic computer technician who can do an independent evaluation of the computer equipment that is an issue.

If you have more questions about sex crimes in New Jersey, call the Law Offices of James A. Abate for a free initial consultation with our New Jersey sex crimes attorney. You can call 908-643-7005 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking by discussing your case with a Piscataway sex crimes attorney.

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