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What Problems Do People Charged With Sex Crimes Face In New Jersey?

What Automatic Stigma People Might Face When They Are Charged With Some Sort Of Sex Crime?

There can’t be bigger stigma. No one is going to want to hire you, no one is going to want you near their children, no one is going to want you near your customers, no one is going to want you near their family, in some cases their animals. It’s just a terrible mark to have on yourself. That’s why even when the Law Offices of James A. Abate has clients who they keep out of jail, they get them into intensive supervisory probation, they are still going to have to deal with that criminal arrest record, which is going to follow them around. And as already mentioned, there is also the Megan’s law aspect.

Is This Social Stigma True For Just The Accusation?

Yes, just for the accusation itself, it’s mostly going to be about something appearing on the internet and it being next to impossible to get that off the internet and when people do a search on your name, which everyone is going to do these days, they are going to know what you’ve been accused of doing.

If Someone Is Arrested For Anything Falling Under Sex Crimes, Are Their Own Children Automatically Barred From Seeing Or Having Contact With Them?

In some cases, that can be the case, absolutely. There is a lot of play here, there is a lot of repercussions to being brought up on or convicted to one of these crimes.

Is It Devastating And Terrifying For Someone Facing Sex Crime Charges Even Before A Conviction?

Yes. It really is. Oftentimes, there are conditions on someone’s release. The first condition is going to be that they do not have any access to the internet, not contact any of the victims and it is imperative that they consider that they are being watched by the police and if they are violating any of those terms, they are going to be arrested again.

What Penalties Would Someone Face With A Conviction And What Are The Long-Term Effects On Their Life Of That Conviction?

It depends on how the case is charged. Talk about the sexual assault cases, you’re talking about cases that are chargeable from the third degree and up. So, in a third-degree offense, you are going to face three to five years in prison, on a second-degree case, you are going to face five to 10 years in prison and on a first-degree case, you are going to face 10 years to life. So, it really depends on how the case is charged. On the computer crime cases, it’s going to be the same. It’s going to start at third degree and go up. For the most part, sex crime cases start at second degree, which includes a term of five to 10 years. Moreover, it should not come as a surprise that the prosecutor comes back with this first offer and it’s an eight-year prison sentence with no early release.

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