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Mother Of 11-Year-Old AbbieGail Smith Yells At Accused Killer In Court

Date: July 20, 2017

On Friday, mother of 11-year-old AbbieGail Smith got angry when New Jersey prosecutors revealed that the upstairs teen neighbor stabbed her daughter to death with a knife.

It was 18-year-old Andreas Erazo’s first appearance in Monmouth County Superior Court on Friday when the mother of the victim, Bennett-Smith, shouted at the offender, “I hope you rot in jail! My one and only daughter, you took her away from me. You need to rot in jail.”

The offender was sitting on a chair, looking at the floor as prosecutors read aloud his charges of first-degree murder and illegal weapons possession.

Her mother yelled, “You can’t even look at us! I want him to rot in hell, but that’s because I’m angry and crying. His rotting in hell doesn’t mean she’s returning.”

The victim’s dad, 50-year-old Kenroy Smith, said while crying, “I think of my daughter, and I wonder what she went through with that guy. She was such a fragile little girl. I just think she was fighting for her life and couldn’t get help.”

Erazo was living above the apartment in which smith used to live with her mom and brother. She was seen for the last time at 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday and her mom reported her missing after almost an hour.

On Thursday, the offender was arrested by the cops after they found the girl’s body in a hiding spot on the property.

Her father told that his daughter was born in 2005 in Jamaica. She then shifted to the United States with her mother after several years. He was not with them in the U.S because he was deported back in 2001, but he was in contact with his wife and daughter. He added, “I am just so out of my mind right now. I loved my daughter dearly. She was such a loving, kind girl.”

He further said, “Why would he stab an innocent 11-year-old? That’s gruesome. That’s wicked.”

The mother of the victim and her brother got scared when prosecutors told them that she was stabbed with a knife.

Judge Richard English ordered to keep Erazo in jail without bail pending a detention hearing that is scheduled for Wednesday.

26-year-old Bryce Ballew spent a night at the Smith’s apartment, the place where Erazo used to live with his mother. He told, “I saw him two nights ago for a quick second. He went straight to his room”. He added, “He was troubled and he recently moved back with his mom after living with an aunt. She just got him back a couple of months ago. She hasn’t lived with him since he was younger. They would smoke weed together, more of a friendship. She had him when she was really young.”

According to close friends, Smith and her mother were so much attached to each other.

35-year-old Arron Reeves, who is an old buddy as well as a nursing assistant, said, “They were never apart. That’s why I can’t imagine what she’s going through. That was her best friend.”

According to John Niesz, the superintendent of Keansburg schools, “AbbieGail was a wonderful young girl. She will be greatly missed.”

On Friday, Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said outside the courtroom, “This one was a difficult one. They all are, but especially when it involves a child. I spoke to the loved ones of AbbieGail Smith. What they want out of this is justice. It’s my job and my staff’s job to do the best to deliver that to them.” According to him, this murder case is the worst of all he has handled till now.

News Source: www.NYDailyNews.com

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