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New Jersey Cop Sentenced To Five Years For Lying On Arrest Report

Date: February 8, 2016

On Friday, a New Jersey cop, Orlando Trinidad, was sentenced to 5 years in jail without the eligibility of parole for lying on a police report.

The video recorded with a dash cam assisted Marcus Jeter in getting out of jail, who was sent there due to the lying of a cop as he charged Jeter for:

  • Eluding
  • Resisting arrest
  • Aggravated assault
  • Attempting to disarm a police officer

The officer didn’t think once before lying on a police report due to which he was convicted on charges including:

  • Simple assault
  • Official misconduct
  • Conspiracy to commit official misconduct
  • Tampering with public records
  • Falsifying public records
  • False swearing

Another police officer with the name of Sean Courter was also involved in the case, who assisted Trinidad. He was convicted in November 2015. He was summoned to court on Friday, but the sentencing was delayed. He is also facing a mandatory 5 year jail sentence for his offense.

A 3rd police officer was also involved in the case, Albert Sutterlin. In 2013, he pleaded guilty and provided proof against the 2 other cops after which they were convicted in the previous year.

Trinidad apologized in the court while wearing a prison uniform and said, “I am truly sorry for everything that has transpired. I am a different man today as I stand here before you. I am a humbled man”.

His lawyer, Frank Arleo said, “He was a good cop and now he’s lost all that”.

Sutterlin had driven his patrol car in the opposite direction on the Garden State Parkway due to which it collided with the motor vehicle of Jeter. He was then stopped by Courter on the night of 6th of June 2012.

The patrol car was positioned in front of Jeter’s motor vehicle and the dash cam video showed Jeter’s had his hands raised when both Trinidad and Courter shouted at him to get out of the motor vehicle. It was also recorded that they shattered his window and dragged him out of the motor vehicle. While he was laying on the ground, both cops were ordering him to stop resisting and to stop grabbing their gun. It was all done for the recording so it could be shown as proof.

Jeter was saying, “I’m not grabbing. I did nothing wrong”.

Sutterlin was also in the recording, but later he said that he saw nothing and lied in the police report along with other 2 cops.

The series of events leading to Jeter’s arrest started when Courter and a 3rd officer, Albert Sutterlin, responded to a domestic-related call at Jeter’s Bloomfield home. The sister of Jeter’s girlfriend called 911 to report after he threw the girlfriend’s cell phone down the stairs as they were fighting verbally.

Jeter was not there when the cops approached. Courter said that Jeter was under the influence of alcohol and escaped the scene after he had ordered him to stop. However, Jeter said he was not under the influence and that Courter indicated he can leave the residence.

Arleo said that Jeter was lying about being permitted to leave the home, which is included in the other lies told by the cops. Then Courter immediately ran to his patrol vehicle and reported to other police officers through radio that “he just took off on me.”

After Courter later pulled over Jeter on Parkway, and Sutterlin also reached there, the cops approached Jeter’s motor vehicle with their guns drawn and ordered him to get out of the motor vehicle. Trinidad approached the scene and hit the front of Jeter’s motor vehicle with his patrol vehicle.

Jeter later told the news that he did not get out of the motor vehicle thinking that the cops will kill him. He was scared as he was surrounded by 2 police officers with guns in their hands.

At first, only Courter’s video was given to his attorney before his trial, but when Trinidad’s video was demanded by the attorney, it was what assisted Jeter in getting the charges dismissed.

News Source: www.PhotographyIsNotACrime.com

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