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New Jersey Man Linked To 13-Year-Old Jewelry Heist In South Brunswick

Date: January 15, 2015

According to the police, a Jersey City’s man fingerprints have connected him to a South Brunswick jewelry robbery which was done almost 13 years back.

32-year-old John Hyson was taken into custody on early Friday during a vehicle stop in Camden County.

Police told that Hyson’s fingerprints matched prints lifted inside a house on Liberty Drive in South Brunswick, the scene of a robbery that happened in August 2002.

3 gold and diamond necklaces, one gold-and-diamond ring and one gold-and-black ring were stolen from a second-floor bedroom. The items had a worth of more than $5,500 dollars.

Sgt. Gene Rickle, who was a patrolman and proof technician at the time of the robbery, processed the crime scene and developed several latent fingerprints off items that were present in one of the bedrooms. Those prints were sent to the New Jersey State Police for analysis.

Until July 2014, the crime remained unsolved but after that a detective learnt that the prints from 2002 matched Hyson’s prints.

Detective Nathan Labuda spoke to people living in the Liberty Drive home, who recalled that Hyson attended an event at the house around the time the robbery happened.

Police told that Hyson was charged with third-degree theft. He was taken to the Middlesex County jail on $5,000 bail.

News Source: NJ

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