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New Jersey Town First In US To Use Uber To Curb Drunken Driving

Date: October 29, 2015

If you are a resident of Evesham, then you are lucky as there is no need to rely on a sober friend or wait until the effects of alcohol fade away if you are drunk, as the town has partnered with Uber to provide a free ride home to individuals who consume alcohol and are unable to drive safely.

A New Jersey town with high number of DUI accidents and fatalities is the first U.S. municipality to use ride service app Uber to stop impaired drivers from driving.

Last week, the service started in Evesham Township where almost 45,000 individuals live. Now the individuals can get a free ride home after consuming alcohol from 19 alcohol-serving establishments and it is made possible by the program that is funded by donors.

On Friday, a second free ride will start that is funded by the donations from area nonprofits and businesses. With the help of that service, individuals will be able to hire a driver to get both them and their motor vehicle using the mobile service app BeMyDD.

According to Evesham Mayor Randy Brown, “We’re dealing with people who might’ve had too much to drink, so we needed to make it so easy for them to open their iPhone and push a button”.

In 2015, Evesham had been on track to reach 250 DUI arrests and the number of individuals taken into custody is high in the town.

In the month of September, the struggle to decrease the rate of DUI arrests included testing of a pilot program in which town shuttles provided free rides to more than 350 individuals. The shuttles assisted in reducing the number of DUI arrests to 8 in September from a monthly average of 23 estimating from the month of January to the month of August, which is a decrease of 65%.

Free rides are available for intoxicated drivers from designated bars and restaurants from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. This service is available every night of the week and the partnership with both apps will end on 2nd of January.

A statement was released by Ana Mahony, general manager for Uber New Jersey in which it was stated, “We began working with Mayor Brown through our national partner, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and realized it was the perfect opportunity to use our technology to help take drunk drivers off the road”.

According to a spokesman for the company, Uber is testing the pilot locally and is considering working with other towns to create a similar partnership to reduce the rate of accidents and deaths caused by driving under the influence.

It is told by Alexa Milkovich, Vice President of marketing for BeMyDD, that the company recruited drivers immediately to fulfill the requirement of drivers in the area.

Reuters told that the township is working with neighboring towns to expand the program to make people safe on the roads and to keep DUI drivers away from the roadways.


News Source: www.CNBC.com

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