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NJ Doctor Found Brandishing A Handgun Arrested

Date: June 21, 2017

On Tuesday, Dr. James Kauffman, who was the husband of a New Jersey radio host murdered 5 years back, was taken into custody as he was brandishing a handgun while authorities were executing search warrants on his home and office.

A hostage negotiator forced him to surrender by threatening him with a 9-mm handgun.

The prosecutor’s office told that search warrants were issued as investigators examined “all leads pertaining to suspected criminal activity.”

Atlantic County prosecutor, Damon Tyner, told “We were able to talk him off the ledge. He was taken to a psychiatric program. He is under arrest as we continue to investigate the charges that were filed against him in connection with possession of a weapon.”

The cops charged the offender with multiple crimes including:

  • Unlawful possession of a weapon
  • Possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose
  • Possession of point bullets
  • Obstruction of the administration of law

Back in 2012 on 10th of May, April Kauffman was found dead inside her bedroom in their Linwood home and the case is not solved yet. Not a single individual was charged for the murder in that case and the letter was not provided by the prosecutor’s office to her life insurer because there was no evidence that James Kauffman was the murderer.

According to Tyner, they are trying to know many things “that we currently don’t have now”. He added that the warrant for the home where the host was found dead was based on the matters that are not linked to her death.

Last month, James Kauffman was asked for a DNA sample for further investigation of the murder case.

Tyner further said, “Every day that goes on we are getting closer to solving the homicide of April Kauffman. It has become a very long winded, you might say, investigation, a very thorough investigation. We’re hoping one day we’ll be able to give her family the closure they deserve.”

Kin Pack, daughter of April Kauffman, said that she came to know about the DNA motion on the news. She added, “It was surreal to hear him; to have an authoritative figure say the case is still open and still active. I think this was what I was waiting to hear for all these years.”

James Kauffman married again after the death of his first wife and has a child with his new wife.

News Source: www.NYDailyNews.com

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