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Sexual Assault

Outcome: No Charges Filed Against Client

June 9, 2014: Being arrested on the extremely serious charges of sexual assault can have life-destroying ramifications. The Law Offices of James A. Abate, LLC were recently retained by the family of an individual that was falsely accused of sexual assault. We and our investigators conducted a swift and thorough investigation, which resulted in obtaining highly exonerating texts and social media postings that completely cleared our client of any wrongdoing. Upon presenting this information to the police, a decision not to prosecute was made. Our client will never have to go through the harrowing ordeal of being arrested on a false accusation and can move forward with his life knowing that these charges won’t follow him.

Sexual assault cases should not be taken lightly. Victims in such cases must get help from a Sexual Assault Attorney in Somerville, NJ right away. Attorney James Abate has been practicing as a Sexual Assault Lawyer for many years now. Some of the areas he serves include Somerville, New Jersey, Piscataway, Middlesex County, Cranford and Union County. Call The Law Offices of James A. Abate LLC at (908) 210-9755 to schedule a Free Consultation with a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Middlesex County.

Our Somerville Sexual Assault Attorney will make sure that justice is served. He will work to get the highest maximum penalty for the offender who committed this heinous act. Our Sexual Assault Attorney in Piscataway, NJ will also make sure that the offender is added to the list of sex offenders in the area. Without the help of an experienced and qualified New Jersey Sexual Assault Attorney, you may not be able to seek justice.

Stop wasting time and call the Piscataway Sexual Assault Attorney at our office at (908) 210-9755 for a Free Consultation. Our Sexual Assault Lawyer in Cranford, NJ will provide you Free consultation and will also make sure that you get compensated for any harm caused by the offender. Our Sexual Assault Lawyer in Union County is experienced and has handled cases involving sexual assault in the past.

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