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Stolen Gun Found In Camden, New Jersey, May Be Linked To Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Date: February 16, 2018

Investigators are making efforts to know whether the stolen gun found in Camden, New Jersey, belongs to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. After data analysis, the agency was informed about the possibility of the link of the gun with the department.

According to Capt. Scott Snapp, “Right now, we’re in a position of waiting to hear back from them whether or not it is the one we had reported. It would’ve been nice if we had known.”

A person who was linked to the incident was searched by the police. He is in jail for drug related offenses and possessing a gun illegally that is of the same model and serial number as the gun that a sheriff’s officer reported missing back in 2011. The officer is not serving the department now.

Data gathered after an investigation assisted in showing the link to an identical gun with the same serial number to the March 2016 arrest in Camden. Camden County Police Department was reported about a gunfire incident and when the cops approached the scene, they found 2 individuals consuming alcohol and also found the gun from one of them.

It is written in the court document that the offender is a danger for himself and for people nearby.

The investigation found a stolen police gun that was utilized in a violent Johnson City crime back in the month of November. The Elizabethton Police Department was unaware about the link until they were alerted.

Capt. Snapp added, “Obviously, if it is a piece of property that would have been part of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, obviously, we want it back to our agency. The worst case is for it to be out there and someone get hurt with it. We don’t want to see that happen.”

News Source: www.WJHL.com

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