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Client Testimonials

“I would give 10 stars to James and his team. James is a man of his words. Highly knowledgeable and dedicated. James expertise resolved my case with a positive outcome. James and Ally gave personal attention to my case. They were honest and communicated every step of the process. My queries and concerns were answered in a timely manner even if it was over the weekend. I highly recommend James and his team.”

– N S.

“I have worked as an expert medical witness with James Abate Esq. for 5 years & have seen his very positive results.

As a DUI defense attorney, Mr. Abate goes into depth with each case to get the best result possible & he cares about his client. His realistic approach, determination and skill coupled with the great staff of Meghan & Ally, make a great team.

Mr. Abate is on my “A team” of NJ DUI attorneys.”

– Paul G.

“I wanted to wait until Ally returned from vacation to send a note of thanks for everything all of you did to represent me. I could not have dreamed of a better outcome. From my first conversation with James 6 months ago, I felt a complete sense of calm that I did not feel in speaking with any other attorney. Even if the worst happened in my case, I felt confident in your representation and that you would fight for me until we exhausted all possible avenues. When others talked only of a no-win scenario, you showed me different ways of pursuit and assured me that the longer we played this out, the better chance of everything working out for us. I truly appreciate all you did for me and I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.”

– A Satisfied Client

“James handled my going wrong way on one way street with the great results. He keep me updated with what was going to happen and I found him to be extremely confident and professional. His team very well organized and that comes from James himself.”

– A Very Satisfied Client, Don D.

“Attorney James A. Abate and staff were very helpful and understanding throughout a DUI case I was charged with. They were available every time I needed an update whether it was in person or over the phone very professional from the first time I contacted him to our last meeting in the courthouse. Honest, humble, respectful, responsible, professional and very courteous to my family and myself. With his assistance I was able to get an expert to review my case and have the best outcome through this whole process as possible. If you are looking for a serious attorney who will be upfront and straightforward with your situation I definitely recommend Mr. Abate and his staff (Meghan and Ali). I had never had a problem like this one and it was as smooth as possible with their help. I’m very pleased with all services rendered.”

– Rigoberto

“While the decision to drink and drive was not smart at all, the decision to select James Abate to represent me for the case was a very smart decision. I was very discouraged after the incident happened, and most of the local attorneys I spoke with sounded as if they were hesitant to accept the case, due to a high BAC reading and a court with a reputation for giving harsh sentences to these cases. Mr. Abate was considerably more reassuring and explained his experience with cases like these. Throughout the whole process, he explained every step of the way, including what outcome I would like to achieve, the likelihood of actually getting it, and the steps it would take to get there. The process dragged on for a couple of months, and some of the court appearances were futile and frustrating, but Mr. Abate remained patient and determined through it all. Aside from a few office meetings, we typically had a strategy or recap discussion either before or after the court hearings. Ultimately, the best outcome realistically possible was achieved due to his strategy and patience in dealing with the case. Other attorneys I spoke with said the result (which ultimately happened) would be unlikely to impossible so I’m confident that if someone else was selected to take the case, the sentence would have been much worse. So if you find yourself in a similar situation in a township that Mr. Abate handles cases for, one of the best things you could do at the moment would be to give his office a call and request a free consultation.”

– A Satisfied Client

“James was great and worked very hard to ensure I received an end result I was satisfied with. He, Megan and Ally kept me informed of happenings with my case from start to finish. Being that I do not live in NJ, James ensured my safety by attending my hearings for me keeping me out of the jurisdiction from a place I had already never been to. I suffer from PTSD as well as bi-polar depression and there were some very rough moments going through the motions of my case, in which pushed Mr. Abate to be frank with his advisement, which was extremely helpful to keeping myself grounded. In the end my case was dropped due to Mr. Abate’s diligence & determination. I am very satisfied with his work and highly recommend him.”

– A Satisfied Client

“Last year I got into serious trouble that resulted into getting an attorney. At times i was very frustrated with James, although it wasn’t his fault, he was doing everything he could for me. I was facing $3,000 In Surcharges. James pushed hard, and after many trips back and forth to court, 7 months later, all charges were dropped. I am grateful that i had James, even though at times i would give him crap. I am lucky that my story was a success story, not everyone gets that chance. Live & Learn.”

– Amanda

“James was extremely helpful during a difficult and emotional situation for me. While leaving a long-term abusive relationship, I had a mini bout of craziness and keyed my now ex’s car. He had me arrested and I was charged with criminal mischief, which is a felony. James could not have been nicer or more empathetic towards me. He was very understanding and non-judgmental about what was really a kind of crazy thing for me to do – I’m not the kind of person who loses her temper and does stuff like that. Anyway, James was able to move my case from Superior to Municipal court and then was further able to move my case from one municipality to another so I wouldn’t be embarrassed in my community by having this incident make the papers or be overheard in open court by someone who knows me locally. This was a very difficult time for me and James was so helpful in relieving much of the stress and anxiety (and embarrassment) this court case brought me. I appreciated his sensitivity, and that of his staff, in this matter and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, which was a full dismissal of the charge.”

– A Criminal Defense Client

“I chose James because of all the reviews saying how much he cares about clients and his legal ability. I’m glad to add my voice and confirm it is true. I did something I am not proud of and was facing close to a decade in Jail for a case in Union county. The prosecutors were initially refusing a non custodial sentence. But James had a great relationship with the prosecutor and knew what experts to hire. He was able to hire psychologists and forensic people who had actually worked for the prosecutor. They literally changed the prosecutors mind and showed that I was not a bad person. It also didn’t hurt that the Judge and prosecutor seemed to really like James. If you are looking for an approachable guy that knows what he is doing, then he is your guy.

The fact that I got a non custodial sentence is due to James’ hard work, knowledge and perseverance. I’m thankful for that. But the care that he showed me caries on to everyone in his office. Megan was very reassuring and calmed me down whenever I called in. Thank you so much to everyone at the firm!”

– A Satisfied Client

“I hired James in November of 2014 for a domestic dispute issue. Long story short I got into a relationship that was doomed from the start. I was with someone who all is only in it for money and the house we rented together. In short one night she started a fight I got an assault charge and restraining order against me. Just as her way In getting the house and out of the relationship so she could start over with someone she had been seeing. James saw all this and was able to negotiate on my behalf so that we went our separate ways and the charges were dropped. James and his staff got me through a very difficult time and scary as well. He always kept me up to date and follow through with everything. His staff was kind and very helpful with anything they could. He is by far the first person I would ever go to for anything again and would recommend him to anyone needing real help. He not only knows what he’s doing he cares about what he does. Thank you again for everything you’ve done.”

– Frank

“Mr. Abate handled a DMV issue for me and kept me informed throughout the entire case and made sure that he obtained the best reasonable outcome for me. Considering the situation, it was a very positive experience and I am extremely satisfied with his work.”

– Laura

“Mr. Abate and His Staff were great! Very knowledgeable and treated my family and myself with the utmost respect. I would recommend him to anyone!”

– Jenn

“James and his staff were always respectful during a difficult and embarrassing time. I was always in charge of how the case went – no decisions were made without my approval. James is very knowledgeable and tries to find different angles to win your case. He was always available by phone and made evening appointments to fit my schedule. I would definitely recommend him.”

– Kboy

“James was always available to me and I’d definitely recommend him. James didn’t push for me to make decisions. Each choice in my case was mine to make. He was always available and I was always treated with respect by him and his friendly, professional staff.”

– Kerry B.

“Excellent communication on progress of the case. Consistently treated with courtesy and professionalism. Money well spent. Excellent representation and successful completion of services.”

– Michael K.

“Mr. Abate represented me in a professional & courteous manner. I felt extremely comfortable discussing my case with Mr. Abate and he was very respectful to my situation. At no point did I feel like I made the wrong decision in having Mr. Abate represent me and will refer any of my friends to his practice in the future.”

– Mike Z.

“Mr Abate treated me with the utmost respect and was always there with no complaints and he always smile.”

– Cathy G.

“Mr. Abate kept me informed every step of the way and guided me through what I should expect to occur which alleviated much of the stress of the situation.”

– Rosemarie M.

“My case was dispatched in record time and kept me from losing my driver’s license. I couldn’t have been happier with the service I received.”

– Rich C.

“To put it simply, the judge actually told me I was lucky I had Mr.Abate representing me, or otherwise I would probably not have gotten the favorable outcome I did.”

– Joshua R.

“Probably one of the better attorney I have ever used. When he had to speak to the judge on my behalf he did it very well was professional. Was impressed and would rehire again I used James twice already. Both times very happy.”

– Kemp K.

“I feel like I made the right choice going with James Abate. He treated me with respect and always kept me up to date with my case. I feel like James and his staff did a wonderful job on making me feel comfortable and also in representing me in court.”

– Kevin

“I feel like I made the right choice going with James Abate. He treated me with respect and always kept me up to date with my case. I feel like James and his staff did a wonderful job on making me feel comfortable and also in representing me in court.”

– Kevin

“I was extremely satisfied with James Abate’s service. He treated me respect and had the matter quickly and efficiently. By the end I was confident that I had made a good decision with this attorney.”

– Adara A.

“Mr. Abate is a very understanding and compassionate attorney. I would use him whenever necessary.”

– Henny G.

“Excellent decision hiring James! Professional attorney and friendly staff. I was kept up to date on my case at all times.”

– Kamil K.

“I was treated respectfully and my case was handled by a professional that provided a speedy resolution to my case in court in my favor!”

– Michael T.

“I was very impressed on how my case was handled and how quickly I was in and out of court especially how he he gandledled the prosecutor.”

– Kathleen H.

“He was very respectful , i was extremely comfortable with him and I was keep up to date on my case. I was very happy with the results I had with James Abate , I would use him again . Thank you James.”

– Beth S.

“Excellent lawyer. Professional staff as well. They keep you update with your case status. Do not think twice to hire him. He handled my DV case very well and got sorted out quickly.”

– Anthonize

“James Abate is very Amazing Attorney. He is very knowledgeable, excellent attorney and is good listener to your problems. I recommend James Abate to anyone who has a problem and in need of Legal Help as he is great in what he does. I feel gifted to find him as my attorney and because of him I got Justice in time. If you are in Legal Help, James Abate is the Right choice for your problems. Thank you James Abate to Infinity if you are reading my review.”

– A Client

“James is by far one of the best lawyers I have ever dealt with. He took on my case. He was honest and straight forward throughout the process. Is personable, is willing to work things out with you and most of all fair. His staff and he handled everything promptly with the most professionalism seen. I extremely rate this lawyer with every possible with comfortably.”

– A Criminal Defense Client

“I was charged with possession of CDS in a motor vehicle (marijuana). Unfortunately this was the 3rd time i was arrested for possession within the span of a year, and the 4th time altogether. By all rights I should have lost my license for 2 years and/or served a 30 day jail sentence. Mr. Abate, after reviewing the video of my arrest, was able to get the prosecutor to agree to 1 years’ probation and a suspended 30 day jail sentence. During our first consultation, Mr. Abate advised me to enter myself into a drug rehab program, which i did. The reason for this was to get leniency from the judge, since the judge decides if i can keep my license. As it turns out, the judge did look favorably on this. I should not have a license to drive right now, but because of Mr. Abate’s advice and his plea to the judge, I am still able to drive and keep my employment. The judge even remarked to me that I was lucky to have the picked the counsel that I did, because without him i would have been screwed. I highly recommend James Abate if you are looking for an extremely competent lawyer who will get the most favorable results for your case. Also, he will not try to empty your wallet. I would not consider his fee high at all, especially considering how good he was as my counsel.”

– J.R

“I would like to thank you for taking my case and for responding to all my calls promptly. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case.”

– Laura D.

“Thanks very much to James and his wonderful office staff! James’ office kept me informed of everything as it was happening and quickly answered any questions I had. It was very helpful having James by my side when I went to the courthouse. He was knowledgeable about all of the court proceedings, clarified what was happening in the courtroom, and spoke well on my behalf. Definitely made the entire process less stressful.”

– Laura D.

“Mr. Abate just saved me from false accusations of domestic violence. He took the case to trial and showed that I was innocent. A conviction would have ended my career and kept me from my children. His attention and dedication to the case made me feel like he was personally invested in the case. His staff was excellent and would answer all my questions and kept me calm. I am so glad that I called Mr. Abate and so thankful for him vindicating my innocence. He was prepared and uncovered my girlfriend’s criminal history.”

– A Domestic Violence Client

“I am going to start off by saying this…I would recommend James to anyone in need of this kind of help. He did his homework and went to the scene of the accident, got expert witnesses for the case. He is very knowledgeable and knows his job thoroughly and is very passionate about it. He wants to help his clients and he truly does help!! I would recommend James to anyone in need of a genuine, true, knowledgeable attorney and I will constantly thank him for everything he has done!”

– A DUI Client

“I was nothing but blown away by the high level of professionalism, kindness, and honesty.”

– A State & Local Law Client

“Very happy with my experience with James, He got to the heart of the matter and explained my options and what he said he could do and the costs and how we would proceed and kept me in the loop all the way. The results exceeded my hopes and he didn’t overwhelm me with legalese in explaining what was involved.”

– A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Client

“Very Professional lawyer. I got the results way ahead of my expectations. He is someone whom you will find very easy to talk. He knows his stuff and he exactly know what he is doing. As this one was my first experience ever I would never go to anywhere else in future as I had really great outcome. Definitely recommended!”

– A Transportation Client

“James is a talented, diligent, and perhaps most importantly, a responsive lawyer. I felt comfortable and comforted knowing he was handling my case in which I was accused of a low level crime. He was attentive to my needs and calmed most of my worries during a very difficult personal time.”

– A Criminal Defense Client

“I chose Mr. Abate because he was straight forward with me and gave a frank and honest assessment of my son’s case, explaining all aspects of the law and what we were up against. He held our hands through the process and reassured us that this too would pass. We dealt only with him. Sometimes we had to wait to reach him because he was in court, but we preferred that over being passed off to an associate. In the end, his advice was excellent and his familiarity with the law, the court and its personal was helpful and a positive factor in resolving our case. We would unhesitatingly recommend him.”

– Andrew V.