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Tips To Avoid Construction Accidents In New York

Date: August 16, 2017

Accidents on construction sites are a common yet completely avoidable occurrence. Construction sites are often littered with safety hazards that can cause numerous serious injuries and in severe cases can result in fatalities. Construction sites generally house equipment, machinery, trucks, materials and various employees working simultaneously. There is always the potential for falling debris or tripping over uneven work surfaces. Construction sites are inherently dangerous but there are strategies which can be employed to ensure that injuries are confined to a minimum. There are also Bar exam tips which should be applicable equally to all individuals irrespective of their caste, creed and color.

Some helpful strategies that can be employed to reduce accidents and create a safer work environment are as follows:

Conducting Periodic Safety Meetings

Construction workers should be briefed about different safety measures set up on the work site. The hazards also evolve with the progress of any particular project. It is up to team leaders to ensure that everyone on site is provided with proper instruction and is aware of any change in regulations. Safety meetings ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date. Such meetings reiterate health and safety standards and proper risk assessment.

Avoid Working At Night Or In The Absence Of proper Lighting

Working late in the night in a dark environment creates a greater potential for accidents. The amount of amount of night work should either be minimized or limited to a low-risk area of the site. Fatigue and reduced visibility are two factors that greatly enhance the risk of accidents that are generally avoidable.

Having Proper Safety Equipment And Gear

It is the inherent nature of any construction site to have the potential for unforeseen accidents and safety hazards. Therefore workers should be prepared with proper protection at all times. Safety precautions at construction sites include hardhats, eye protection, hearing protection, harnesses, slip-resistant boots, heavy duty gloves and masks.

Workers Should Wear Reflective Or Highly Visible Clothing

Reflective or extremely visible apparell is necessary in order to reduce vehicle-related accidents. It is suggested that reflective fabric be used construction workers at all times. By being visible workers can steer clear of drivers and equipment operators thus reducing the potential of an accident.

Management Should Enforce Regular Breaks During Work

Enforcing breaks are crucial for productivity as well as safety in any construction project. Regular breaks allow workers to rejuvenate themselves thus helping them to remain focused, alert and avoid any mistakes which can occur due to fatigue.

Implement Clear And Visible Warning Signage On The Site

Areas of the site having electric wires or high voltage cables should be visibly marked and it should be ensured that electricity is deactivated when it is not being used. Areas where there are chances of falling debris or other dangerous hazards should be cordoned off using pylons or ropes. Signs with words like ‘Danger’ may be incredibly simple but can be instrumental in preventing any accidents.

Encourage The Workers To Maintain A Healthy Diet

Workers at construction site should abandon carbonated sodas and energy drinks in favor of water, citrus drinks and electrolyte replacements which can help to hydrate them. They can also reduce fatigue and increase concentration. It is important to consume light and grease-free food like salads and sandwiches, vegetables and fruits should be consumed rather than carb heavy and high-fat food. This prevents drowsiness after meals, and helps workers remain alert and energized thereby reducing any chance of an accident.

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