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What Is PTI?

Pre Trial Intervention is a diversionary program for first time offenders. If a person is admitted to the program they are required to stay arrest free and submit to random drug testing for one year. If they can stay compliant for 12 months the criminal charges will be administratively dismissed.

What Is The Process To Apply For PTI?

PTI is a prosecutor’s program. An applicant will be interviewed by the department of probation and a background check will be performed in order to confirm eligibility. The prosecutor’s office may object to entry in certain cases, but the defendant is entitled to appeal the decision.

How Long Does The Program Last?

Typically 12 months.

What Happens If The Program Is Successfully Completed?

Charges are administratively dismissed upon successful completion of the program.

What Happens If The Program Is Not Successfully Completed?

The defendant will be terminated from the program and face the charges.

What Happens If You’re Denied From PTI?

If the denial is unreasonable, the defendant is entitled to an appeal. The prosecutor may require reasonable conditions. If the defendant does not agree with the conditions, they may appeal the prosecutor’s decision.

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