What Kind Of Insurance Or Medical Problems Can A DWI Convict Face?

If you are involved in a DWI in an accident, first of all you are going to jail. You could be going to jail on a county level. You could be going to jail for months, a year, and especially if there is a fatality involved. Say you are the victim of a car accident, but you were driving while intoxicated. You are not permitted to sue that person if you were driving while intoxicated.

What Immigration Related Consequences Can One Face Because Of A DWI Conviction?

I have had clients who have plead guilty with another attorney, then find out that they could be deported. They contact my office and we have to reopen the case to litigate the case, so they are at least doing everything they can to avoid being deported from this country.

What Consequences Can CDL Holders Face For A DWI Conviction?

A CDL license holder on a first offense, they are going to lose their license for one year, and their CDL. On a second offense, they lose their eligibility to hold a CDL nationwide for life. They will never drive professionally again on a second DWI. I cannot think of a profession where a DWI can have a more important impact.

Can A DWI Conviction Have Firearm Related Consequences?

It is something which could be taken into account in your application for a firearms permit. In New Jersey we do not generally have carry permits. We are dealing mostly with permits for the home. You are going to have a police chief who is going to look at your record and see if there is anything on there where he thinks you should not have a gun. A DWI is something which could impact that decision.

What Consequences Can Someone Face For A Third DWI In New Jersey?

You are going to face the most important consequence of all. You will be going to jail for six months. After that, when you get out, you are going to lose your license for ten years. On top of that, you are going to have an ignition interlock device mounted in your car, even if you are not driving for those ten years.

What Advice Do You Give To Clients Contemplating A Guilty Plea?

I tell them what the consequences are going to be and that it is in their best interest to fight the case. If somebody says they want to face the music, they do not want to fight, they just want to lower the repercussions as much as they can, and we will help them do that. That is not the kind of firm we generally are. We are looking for cases that can be fought, and people who want to fight the cases.

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