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Williams Township Man Arrested For Fatal Crash, His Fourth DUI In A Month

Date: September 28, 2016

EASTON – According to a Northampton County judge, 37-year-old Daniel P. Braeunig will serve 5 to 10 months in jail as he was taken into custody 3 times for driving under the influence in the same month and caused a deadly accident which left an individual dead.

Braeunig was taken into custody for DUI one day prior to causing the deadly accident.

Braeunig got back his pickup truck from an impound yard on 28th of December, where it had been towed after his DUI arrest in Wilson. Just after 22 hours, he got behind the wheel drunk and caused an accident which left 23-year-old Dallas T. Poff dead. The accident happened near Wy-Hit-Tuk Park.

The cops told that there were many mini-bottles of Fireball and whiskey inside and outside Braeunig’s overturned truck, more than half of them were empty.

His blood sample was taken for an intoxication test and the result showed his BAC level at 0.16 percent, which is double the legal limit for driving.

Assistant District Attorney Joseph Lupackino told that before the fatal accident, Braeunig was seen by the Wilson police sleeping in his pickup on South 24th Street in a no-parking zone. They also found the bottles of whiskey and a crack pipe from the motor vehicle. His BAC level was recorded at 0.14 percent. The next day, he was travelling north and driving at more than 78 mph when he lost control of his car and collided with Poff’s car who died at the accident spot.

Braeunig smelled of alcohol and appeared intoxicated, so he was transferred to the St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill for treatment of injuries.

According to the State police, Braeunig got in trouble again while he was set free on bail for an alleged domestic assault at his home. He is accused of grabbing a woman by her neck and throwing her down many times which injured her. His bail was cancelled when the intoxication test resulted positive.

According to court records, he pleaded guilty in the month of August to harassment.

In the same month, Braeunig was charged for DUI 2 times in New Jersey as well.

The words of Judge Stephen G. Baratta during Braeunig’s sentencing in Northampton County Court were, “Because of your cavalier attitude, you killed someone. Time and time again you risked all of the people on the highways because you wanted to drink alcohol, get drunk and transport yourself around the community.”

Braeunig faced a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years under his plea to homicide by vehicle while drunk. After checking his history, Braeunig was linked to drug addiction, therefore, the judge said he had a poor outlook for probation.

Defense lawyer Robert Sletvold said his client, who recently completed fixed period of 2 weeks in rehab, has realized his mistake during his treatment. He added, “He appreciated just how terrible an act this was.”

According to Poff’s wife, her husband’s death put a strain on their 3-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. She added, “My son knew who he was. He says he misses daddy.”

She was sad knowing that the tragedy is doubled by the fact that Braeunig’s prison sentence will take him away from his own sons. She further said, “Unfortunately he has to pay for what he did. I hope that he gets what he deserves.”

Braeunig apologized and his words in the court were, “There will not be a day that goes by without being haunted by the thought of taking away the precious memories of his children as well as my own.”

Source: www.MCall.com

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