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Woodbridge Township DWI Dismissed

Our client was arrested after police found two closed bottles of beer in a bag on the front seat of his car. He was tired after just getting out of a late-night work shift, and was not intoxicated. He told the officer that he hadn’t been drinking at all. When he got to the police station, he blew a breath reading that was below the legal limit – a 0.00%! Police nonetheless suspected that our client was using drugs, and charged him with driving while intoxicated.

In the State of New Jersey, driving while intoxicated means that you are accused of driving under the influence of liquor or drugs. Someone who is accused of driving under the influence of drugs needs to be evaluated for their use, using a different set of criteria than that used to establish sobriety with the standardized field sobriety tests. In these cases, a Drug Recognition Expert needs to be called in to do the evaluations.

Mr. Abate has completed training as a Drug Recognition Expert, and in this case, he was able to find many weaknesses in the State’s case and obtain a complete dismissal of all charges against our client!

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